I wrote to Simon Harris, the Irish Minister for Health, today asking him for the follow-up meeting he had promised when we met some weeks ago. The health budget has been agreed, the health services plan is being drawn up, and this is the time to make sure the An Saol project gets funded. The project has also been submitted to the HSE and I had a meeting with them to discuss some operational issues – but a little attention from the government will do no harm, I’m sure.


There was another first today with Pádraig. A person working with him was working with his hands and his arms and Pádraig managed to lift not just his arms but both of his hands – including the more ‘difficult’ right hand. It is so fantastic to see him making this kind of progress, step by step, all the time, slow and small steps, but consistently improving.

What would it be like if he had consistent, appropriate support? If the sick and injured people in this country had the support they require? Wouldn’t that be a great little country to live in? Health before profit?