Incredible stuff is happening. Really. First and most importantly: Pádraig’s new favourite ‘exercise’ is playing ‘hot hands’: you put a hand down on the table, the other person does likewise, and so forth. As the other person tries to slap your hand, you try to pull it away. And that is exactly what Pádraig did this morning as I tried to put my hand down on his – and at lightning speed. A little bit later, when I tried to get him ready for transfer into his wheelchair, he pulled up his legs all by himself to help.

What started as an unbelievable day continued…

We watched Shane Grogan and his family on Ireland AM.

At lunchtime, Georg Hook interviewed me on his show “High Noon” about the Great American Cycle we’re about to embark on.


And in the afternoon, I had my first very promising meeting with the HSE in preparation of what is rapidly becoming a real possibility: getting the An Saol Project on the road in early 2017.

Tonight, I’m finding it difficult to process all of this and to get ready mentally for leaving in less than 2 days. I have no idea how all this is happening. How so many people are getting onto the Dreamboat. How it seems that the ‘impossible’ is going to become reality. At so many different levels. Two ‘firsts’ in the space of half an hour. I’m still in shock.

I’m almost afraid to believe all this in case there’ll be a huge disappointment in the end. Do you know this feeling?