The first time I saw him was on the telly. And I just saw him. It was illegal to have his voice heard on the telly. They had an actor reading out his statements. Gerry Adams met me in the Dail, the Irish parliament, today and asked how Pádraig was doing. That he had heard all about his difficult journey. He asked if there was anything his party and he personally could do to help. And he asked me to pass on his best wishes to Pádraig. – I don’t know, and what in life is for sure, but to me it seemed like as if he and his colleagues will be doing their best to help getting the An Saol project on the road.

Talking about the road.

Someone today asked me whether there was a typo on the poster and the leaflets? It couldn’t really be 1,000 km? Right?

I said: “Right on, man. 1,000km it is.”


But it’s not just a question of distance. It’s also a question of duration. It’s ok to cycle for a day or two and than go back home. It’s quite a different story to try and fit the content of an 80l suitcase on rollers into two tiny paneer bags – as a friend pointed out on Facebook earlier. It’ll be fun. No doubt. In hindsight. Imagining how it will be actually fills me with a sense of utter and pure panic. – The “There old guys – one good cause” lark sounds funny as long as it all stays in your imagination. The reality of these ‘old guys’ cycling up (instead of down) the Pacific coastline will be testing!

Isn’t it good that we love challenges? That we thrive on them? That there Ain’t no stoppin’ us now?

In my mind Pádraig will be leading me, riding beside me, telling me to stop talking and to get on with the job.

There ain’t no stoppin’ Pádraig. We’re no longer dreaming on the Dreamboat. We’re absolutely and definitely real here. The An Saol Project will happen. As sure as three old guys will be cycling the 1,000km from Hollywood to San Francisco next week.

Please spread the word about the #GreatAmericanCycle in support of An Saol! Our aim is to collect 1.5m euro! No less. Check out the leaflet here. And support us here.