The Irish Times published two letters to the editor under the headline “Neurological Care in Crisis“. The word ‘crisis’ implies that something is changing for the worse right now, that this was a time of particular difficulty or danger – when what we are all talking about is something that has ben going on for a long time and for some reason is only entering the public domain right now. You might ask, with Supertramp: Crisis? What Crisis?



In about two week’s time, Ill be packing my bags (very small bags) to go on a cycle with two other old lads. I’m trying to be funny about it. But really, it’s pathetic. Most of us, including the Junior Minister in charge of Disability, agree that the An Saol Project should get funded. And we are going on a cycle. To raise €1.5m. We’ll need to cover three year’s of a pilot!

You might have heard the news today that the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) sold, according to the Irish Comptroller and Auditor General, its Northern Irish portfolio under value and thus lost €200m to the State and the Irish tax payer. – They didn’t say who benefitted.

Looking at these news, our little miserable cycling trip sounds even more pathetic to me.

I’m still working on uploading a video clip showing Pádraig going up the stairs again today. Lots of help again. But the motivation. The effort. The direction. The focus. The satisfaction on his face. The hoorays of the people who helped him.

Hey – who would deny him, and other survivors struggling every day to get better, the help they need to win their struggle?