I went for a drive today to Frankfurt Airport. At the beginning, it felt like going on holidays. The weather was fantastic. There was just very light traffic. All seemed to be moving into the right direction.

Then, this car appeared on the motorway. Was it the “Mentalist”?


Just a few minutes later, we got into another traffic jam, of Ferraris.


Then we saw the original Jaguar of James Bond ahead of us.


When we got closer to Frankfurt Airport, and I saw this plane attempting to land on the opposite lane of the motorway, I realised that today was far from being a holiday-like day.


Back in Pforzheim, all was getting back to normal until we arrived at this Biergarten along the river Enz. It turned out that the day was going to end the way it started. Pure magic. I couldn’t believe my eyes.


And my ears.


All in all, it was a really exciting day and a really good weekend. With plenty of visitors, great excursions, excitement, and brilliant, if somehow strange, entertainment.