When I lived in this really cool ‘Wohngemeinschaft’ in Cologne a few years ago (many, many years ago!) there were certain things you could not admit to. Under no circumstances. There was no grey. Just black and white.

Like not eating in a fast food restaurant.

It was ok to have changing relationships (after all, we were all free, loving people). It was ok to listen to your music really loud (after all, you were just expressing yourself). But you would never. Ever. Eat. In a fast food restaurant.

Pádraig did just that yesterday and he had a great time. Look at him.


He poured down that smoothie in no time. No coughs. No problem whatsoever.

Then something really strange did happen. A young women came over to him and gave him 5 euro.

Imagine – you go into Burger King, buy yourself a smoothie, and someone comes over and gives you a fiver!

Pádraig is keeping the fiver for the woman in the park who is collecting plastic bottles from the bins. She’ll be happy, like he was, when she’ll receive the financial support!