Too tired to write – just to say that we made it to Pforzheim in trains, planes, and automobiles… Pádraig recognised the apartment we’re staying in and loves it. Even the expectation of 4 weeks of absolute and complete workout is uplifting!

The older you get the cooler you want to be. Here’s a short story about a very cool song.

There are song with lyrics you will never forget because they touch your heart or they are really absolutely brilliant, written by a genius. There are songs with lyrics you’ll never forget for a different reason. – As I am getting ready for the #GreatAmericanCycle Part II, I’m trying to listen to the appropriate music to get me in the mood. That’s where I came across the song “Move to L.A.” by Art Brut. Have a listen… (alternatively click here for the live version:):

Not much glam’ about the english weather
There’s not much left to bring us together
Sunshine on a rainy day
Makes me want to move away
But I think I’ve got it sorted
I’m gonna get myself deported

I’m considering a move to LA
(He’s considering a move to LA)

I don’t know about you, but this, for my pretty boring taste, is quite exceptional:)