Have a look at this. Pádraig is taking back control over his life! Picking drinks. Switching off boring programmes on the TV. You should have seen the joy on his face as he started to explore this amazing technology. He picked orange juice – and he got it. It’s that simple and that powerful.

The programme reads out all the choices once. Than, when it reads out the choices a second time, he makes his choice by pressing a switch connected to the Dynavox system, then the it reads out the choice he made again to confirm.

In other news –

If I was a politician, especially the Minister of Health, I’d listen up. Because here is a huge opportunity to do the right thing for families who are now speaking out and to support the An Saol Project. – You wonder what they are waiting for.

Not just myself, but even Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD, have asked the Minister of Health to get in touch. I have requested, several times, a meeting – but sadly there hasn’t been even as much as an acknowledgment so far.

Here are some recent articles about Shane Grogan and An Saol in the Irish Independent and the Irish Mirror, and articles about Amanda Denton and An Saol in today’s Irish Times. – Worth a read.

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And I promise you – this is just the beginning. There will be an avalanche of people speaking out, of journalists and the public asking questions, demanding that this injustice and violation of the most basic human rights must stop.

You can help – why not email, ring, or write to your local TDs asking them to support the An Saol Project and ask the Taoiseach and Minister of Health if they could meet with An Saol?