Participation in society happens in public. Which is what makes a republic. But public doesn’t exist per se, it has to be created. Because public can be blind, public can be deaf.

Pictures can create public. Like the one below, perhaps Robert Capa’s most famous photograph, that of a Republican volunteer being killed in the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

80 years on, it is still photographs that create public and capture our imagination.

We are creating public for those with severe acquired brain injury by talking to our families, friends, and neighbours about what we are doing to build a sustainable system of neuro rehabilitation and quality of life. – One day, “our” photograph will capture what our work is all about….

Listened to another song on ‘hair’ today: Almost Cut My Hair by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, bringing Aquarian Age ideals into a new era. Apparently, the song tells us how to steer clear of trouble without selling out. I’ll make it my anthem!

Pádraig had a real eventful morning with a specialist from the CRC ‘suggesting’ how he should move forward in terms of communications. All arranged by one of Pádraig’s HSE therapists. What a brilliant move! The conversation was such an eye-opener. Things that when I heard  them were so obvious that I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t thought about them myself before! There is a perspective here of working with Pádraig for months to come. Wonder-ful.