I like Sundays. There’s always a nice breakfast. Pádraig can take it easy in the morning. He has a shower and relaxed breakfast. Today he went out to Donabate to the beach while I struggled ‘running’ my 20k (as per my ‘plan’) along the coast towards Howth, not quite sure whether I was getting ready for the Dublin Marathon or the An Saol Fundraising Cycle from Hollywood to Napa in October.

Whatever I was trying to get ready for it became pretty clear that I do have a long way to go to get ready for any serious long distance activity – be it cycling or running. But I’m not giving up.

You know this feeling when you hear a song you used to listen to until it came out of your ears? And you didn’t hear it for years (decades if you’re old enough) because it’s not one of these golden oldies or classic Stairway-to-Heaven rock songs that Radio Nova is playing.

And because you haven’t heard it for such a long time. And because life has changed so much in the meantime. The song has taken on a whole new different meaning than it had for you before. And there you are: listening to this really old song returning long lost and forgotten memories to you but hitting you right in your heart. Because it says all the things you wanted to shout into people’s faces for a long time, but hadn’t found the words?


That happened to me today when for whatever strange reason or coincidence I listened to I got life from the 1967 musical Hair. Watch it and listen to the lyrics.

I got life, mother
I got laughs, sister
I got freedom, brother
I got good times, man
I got crazy ways, daughter
I got million-dollar charm, cousin
I got headaches and toothaches
And bad times too
Like you
I got my hair
I got my head
I got my brains
I got my ears
I got my eyes
I got my nose
I got my mouth
I got my teeth
I got my tongue
I got my chin
I got my neck
I got my tits
I got my heart
I got my soul
I got my back
I got my ass
I got my arms
I got my hands
I got my fingers
Got my legs
I got my feet
I got my toes
I got my liver
Got my blood
I got my guts (I got my guts)
I got my muscles (muscles)
I got life (life)
Life (life)
Life (life)

It made me want to watch the whole musical again….