Here’s the solution to see the obvious: just take of the covers of your binocular. Simple actions can do wonders.


But that’s just the first step. Because once you see, you have to allow what you see to acquire meaning and allow the meaning to move you into action. All quite complicated. Because often psychological protective mechanisms kick in preventing us from getting too involved and allowing us to continue with our normal life even in the face of catastrophes.

We all have seen pictures of utter despair. But unless we experience despair, we are unlikely to offer more than our pity or our charity.

While pity and charity lower the pain for a short while, neither is sufficient to remove the causes of despair.

Imagine you lost the ability. To taste. To smell. To see. To touch and feel. To control your limbs. To eat. To drink. To speak.

Imagine you became completely dependent.

Imagine you could experience this yourself. Imagine that there are ways to re-connect your body and your brain. Imagine nobody cared enough to do so. Imagine you’d be left in this state for the rest of your life. Imagine we could offer you a way to experience this – even in a limited way. To live with several blindspots. Would you be curious enough to try it?

Pádraig had another busy day on his long way to recovery. When Pádraig cared enough about something he didn’t accept any limits. Anything was possible if you just worked on it hard enough. Nothing is possible if you accept the status quo and your limitations, if your blindspots turn into normality, if you play it safe all the time, if you don’t take risks, if there is no ‘skin’ in it. That’s the person he is. That’s why he has done the ‘impossible’ and that’s why we will move the earth, no less, to give him any possible chance of recovery. Right?

Let’s take off the covers and see clearly now. No more blindspots.