Why do you feel passionate about something? Why do you get involved? Why do you spend your time doing one thing (and not another)? Why does one cause mean so much to you (and more than another)?

There is probably not one answer to this question. But my guess is that whatever you really want to do has to be interesting, engaging, rewarding, meaningful, and emotional. It should probably involve some kind of (at least partial) ‘bodily’ or physical experience: you want to see it with your own eye, feel it with your own hands, smell it with your nose, hear it with your ears, feel it on your skin… Think about the difference between reading about social deprivation and spending a day with a family who is really struggling. Or reading about drugs and spending a day in a methadone clinic. Or hearing about mental illness and helping out in a psychiatric hospital.

Or reading about acquired brain injury and being close to a survivor and their family.

So maybe what we need to do is to give people the experience of being deprived of the most basic pleasures of life and then being able to regain them with the help of others. ‘Playing’ something like Second Life Go.

Help them experience the almost complete deprivation of the most basic senses, of any level of autonomy, of utter dependency, a total lack of ability to communicate. – And then using technology and the help of others to ‘recover’ from this ‘dead end’ scenario.

Maybe if people experience first hand (well, almost) what it *feels* like to have a disability, to life with the consequences of a brain injury, to be dependent on others, maybe then they will *do* something to affect badly needed change.


Pádraig had a good day with a new routine settling in that involves regular standing and exercises, as well as better planned resting hours.