We went down to the Liffey today to one of the many sea swims happening in and around Dublin during the summer, in preparation of the great Liffey Swim in August. Pádraig used to swim them. I tried two (gave up trying the first, and was pulled out trying the second:). One of his sisters has been swimming a few this year but this time was the first Pádraig came to support her. Quite a few people recognised him and came over to say ‘hello’ and ‘good to see you’!

There must have been some magic in the air today. See what happened.

For the first time, she won the swim.

Looks like Pádraig will have to go out and support her more often:)

Sitting at the kitchen table, with my head almost hitting the keyboard. Time to go to bed. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I o!!!