There was a tranquility in the garden, a relaxed mood this late afternoon, when we sat outside with Pádraig. And when his carers arrived to get him ready for bed, there was laughter and a bit of banter, bringing a smile to Pádraig’s face. It was a first sign of some level of sustainable ‘normality’.


Someone wrote to me the other day saying that they ‘felt’ the other story, not told here, at times. They are right. When I started to write this blog for Pádraig’s and our friends, it was a different story. Then, I did not feel scrutinised and exposed to the risk of stressful consequences. I would like to share what is my own personal truth of what has been happening to Pádraig, how this affects him (as I see it) and myself. How we are trying to get the best possible services for him. How so many people are helping us sharing their time, ideas, energy and love. But I feel the “Scheere im Kopf” getting bigger.

An Soal has published an ad on the website of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists for a senior physiotherapist (neurology) with an application deadline of the end of this month. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let us know!