Support the Great American Cycle I

From Boston to Brewster via Hyannis
26-27 June 2016
Arriving in Brewster (near Bramble Inn) June 27, 10am

We made it to Hyannis!

We made it to Hyannis!

I never thought it would really happen. But it did. And we made it. Cian, Neil, and myself. Give or take 150km. Starting at 6am in Boston. Arriving at around 5:30pm in Hyannis. Tomorrow will be the difficult part of this cycle. And it’s because of the distance.

It was a beautiful cycle, beautiful weather, and less challenging that I had thought – I’d thought I wouldn’t make it. We even managed to have breakfast in a diner where the owners agreed to put on the Ireland-France match. So here you are. The first long day of the Great American Cycle!

More pictures from Neil!

At the same time we did the cycle, Pádraig’s friends were in the PAV in TCD, fundraising for An Saol. Of course, they also watched the match, but they had a few of Pádraig’s friends there playing music and singing the Dreamboat song! We managed to establish a good phone connection. The crowd almost blew my ear away when they gave us a big cheer.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll leave at 8am from Cape Cod Hospital for Brewster.

PS: My thanks go to Marin Bike and Little Sport who sponsored my wonderful bike. Our thanks also go to the owners of the wonderful Hyannis Travel Inn who put the three of us up for free! Thank you so much Liam and Karen!