Support the Great American Cycle I

From Boston to Brewster via Hyannis
26-27 June 2016
Arriving in Brewster (near Bramble Inn) June 27, 10am

There is no escaping – this is it.

One day more!
Another day, another destiny.

No, it’s not about whether Ireland will beat France – I think that’s settled.

It’s whether I will fit into this fancy (funny?) professional racing suit that I got from my sponsors Marin Bikes. And whether, once I’m in it, it’ll hold until we’ll get to the Cape. That is, if we’ll ever get there. – Do you get my mindset? Yes, I’m all fired up, I feel strong and motivated, I’m completely focussed. I know I can do this. I can – can’t I?

You know this is part one of the Great American Cycle (the second will leave Hollywood for Napa on 01 October 2016) in support of the An Saol Project ( and it is gathering some momentum. There are more people signing up as we speak – some will be joining us on Monday morning at 8am for the short ride from Cape Cod Hospital to Main Street, Brewster (close to the Bramble Inn). But there’re also a few who, it looks like, will be joining us tomorrow morning at 6am at the JFK Presidential Libray to go with us all the way.

I’ve been trying to get some rest though, I must admit, it has been challenging. The room here looks and feels a bit like a prison cell – only without the toilet. The beds are exactly the way they look in the Green Mile and, worse, they feel like it too. And right underneath my window must be the headquarters of the South Boston Fire Brigade. We all know that everything in America is a bit bigger – let me tell you, their fire engines are humongous. They must have 10l engines and their horns are modelled on a dinosaur attack in Jurassic Park.

The outside sitting area compensates for all that: it’s really nice, sheltered, and comfortable.

It’s still early still. Cian just went off to the Cape to gather some support. I’ll go on a short run now and give the bike a spin as well, before taking a nap. In the hope there will be less fires in South Boston during the day. And less people returning from parties:)

Here is something you can do: please tweet about the cycle and the Summer Session in the PAV in TCD tomorrow, supporting the cycle. Share the events and pictures on your Facebook pages. Tell everybody about our efforts to raise €1.5m for the An Saol Project and let them know how urgent and necessary it is to support our efforts. We will make this. There is no doubt in my mind. And, with your help, we’ll make it over the coming months, not years or decades. The coming months!

Above all, tell your friends and colleagues about the new and the video on the landing page explaining what we are fundraising for. Go to !