Last night, when I turned Pádraig, I checked my email.

There was a message from the Deputy Attorney General of Massachusetts telling me that she was getting a team together who will meet me tomorrow in Boston. Many of you wrote letters and messages last year to the Attorney General’s Office, as we did, asking them to review the Brewster Police Department’s investigation into Pádraig’s accident. Most of you, as we, did not get an appropriate response – I received two phone calls from her Civil Rights Division, but no written follow-up. Earlier this month, I sent a follow-up letter to the Attorney General, the Governor, and the consulates, embassies and Departments of Foreign Affairs of Ireland and Germany. – Maybe something is happening now.

Maybe then, when, God forbid, another young J1 foreign student cycling on the Cape gets injured on his cycle by a local driver of car – at least there will be a thorough, un-biased, and independent traffic accident investigation involving more than just the local police investigating. Because they will know that they won’t get away with it.

This morning, I will pack the rest of my stuff. I will give a brief talk at the launch of the Neurological Alliance Ireland’s brilliant campaign for neuro-rehabilitation, “We need our heads examined”, and will head up to the airport with a big box packed yesterday by my sponsors Little Sport, the best bike shop north of the Liffey, containing the fabulous Marin Bike, sponsored by the manufacturer. A big Thank You to both Little Sport in Fairview and Marin in California!