Support the Great American Cycle I

From Boston to Brewster via Hyannis
26-27 June 2016
Arriving in Brewster (near Bramble Inn) June 27, 10am

On the plane to Boston. Still can’t believe I made it. The panic all day yesterday and today. I’m probably too tired to think of all the stuff I didn’t manage to do. Looking on the bright side of things: I managed to get the bike geared up and packed into a box (with the help of the great people and supporters at Little Sport), I managed to prepare and, this morning, deliver a speech at the Neurological Alliance Ireland launch of their campaign “We need our heads examined”, and I got my back packed to arrive on time at the airport!

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The launch of the NAI campaign was great with some really remarkable people. Alexis Donnelly who had had joined us on Saturday for the launch of the An Saol Project also spoke – and I’m getting this feeling that we are very much on the same wavelength. For the first time in my life I ‘drove’ an electric wheelchair through town – not my own, but Alexis’ – from Leinster House to the Mansion House. I really felt for Alexis and hope it wasn’t too bad for him.

Sitting on the plane, drinking Coke to keep me going until we’ll land in Boston. I’m just too wound up to sleep.

And look at this plane! Is this coincidence?


What, for a time, looked like a pretty low-key affair, is now beginning to turn into a possibly great awareness and fundraising cycle from Boston to Brewster via Hyannis, with Cian and Neil, two of Pádraig’s friends. It all just came together at the last minute.

I’ll now have a meeting with the Attorney General’s office tomorrow morning (mentioned that earlier, I vaguely remember:) and on Monday, when we’ll arrive in Brewster, we’ll be met by a Cape Cod journalist and photographer. Even better – a writer from the Globe is also planning to be there when we’ll arrive at 10am on June 27 in Brewster, near the Bramble Inn, where Pádraig was hit by the van.

In parallel, there will be a great summer fest in the PAV in TCD with great music and a screen showing what will, most likely, be Ireland’s last match in the Euros.

Pádraig was doing very well this morning using, for the first time, his new communication device and software, all being set up by his therapist who could not be more helpful and connected with Pádraig. Imagine, this device can become Pádraig’s voice (until he’ll have learned to use his voice again) and his tool for communication.

I’m feeling less scared of the whole enterprise than I did even a few days ago. It’ll all work out. Someone close to me said “think of Pádraig when you’ll be cycling. He’ll keep you going.” That’s what I’ll do. And I know I’m not the first one who Pádraig has inspired to do things they never thought they were capable of.

Finally, here is something you can help us with: tweet, email, Facebook about the Great American Cycle (Part I) and the Big Party in the PAV. Above all, tell them about the new and the video on the landing page explaining what we are fundraising for. Go to !