(I wrote this last night but first posted it to the wrong place…)

Last minute preparations. Collecting our German speakers and supporters from the airport. A stroll and dinner through town. Flights delayed. Everybody making a huge effort to be there tomorrow, to make sure that our voices will be heard. Shouting from the rooftops: enough is enough, no more, no more, no more being considered to be on death row, sent to the nursing homes where people who have lived their lives are waiting for it to end. No more waiting, no more hoping that someone, someone must surely see that here are our young sons and daughters and partners and brothers and sisters with a life ahead of them, a life, a life, a life worth living, a life worth fighting for, not the life they had before, not the life they had planned or imagined, sure who would ever imagine having such a catastrophic accident and injury, but a life nonetheless, a life with good days and bad days, but a life together, a life with food, drink, wind in your hair and rain on your skin, with good smells and bad smells, with really good music, and exciting adventures.Tomorrow will be the first day of the An Saol Project.

It will change Pádraig’s life and that of others like him. It has to. There is no option, no plan B.
See you tomorrow!