There’s just a bit more than a day left until An Saol Day on Saturday.

Our guests from Germany will be arriving tomorrow.

And, if you are in Dublin, you will hopefully be able to join us for what will be the biggest day in the short history of An Saol.

Today, Raidio na Gaeltachta’s Cormac Ó hEadhra, who will also moderate the discussions, talked to Maria about An Saol and the programme for Saturday on his show Cormac  a Cúig.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 19.02.41

Thank you, Cormac and Maria, for sharing this with the Irish-speaking community. It means a lot to Pádraig, and, hopefully, also to all the others who will be joining us on Saturday.

Now – we ned your help!

  • We need a few volunteers to help us welcoming those who will join us and registering them.
  • We will need someone who can take pictures (even with a phone) and, if at all possible, a video of the proceedings – both the discussion after the screening and at the launch.
  • Finally, please don’t forget to come yourself – and bring all your friends all and relatives along!

This day next week, at this time, Cian and I will be sitting somewhere in Boston with our bikes, getting ready for our visit at the Attorney General’s office to find out whatever happened to the letters we and many of you wrote.

Pádraig is crying out for more therapy and a targeted neurological rehabilitation programme. Tomorrow we’re starting our “Endspurt”, our sprint finish, to get the An Saol Project off the ground together with Ireland and International experts. Help us to make this day a surrounding success and memorable day: the beginning of long-term rehabilitation for those with an severe Acquired Brain Injury (#sABI)!