They might not believe us. They might say:”Ah, we understand your personal tragedy and we’re really sorry about that, but we have to spend limited resources wisely – and persons with a severe acquired brain injury have little prospect of recovery.” They might even ask you (they did ask us in a hospital):”Would it not have been better had he died?”

Tell them to watch the interview with Prof. Andreas Bender, a top-class researcher and clinician working with survivors of severe acquired brain injury on the “Mission” section of


It will rock their world to the foundations.

The good news is: He will talk at the launch of the An Saol Project on Saturday. So make sure you’ll be there and bring all of your family and friends with you! Find out more about the day on Facebook.

In the meantime, Pádraig gave us a ‘head up’ today – pretty impressive stuff, considering he still has considerable problems with head control. Check this out:

And finally – here is a person I’ve never met. She is an Irish-born OT, living in England. She just got married. Apparently, some couples give their guests a small present, a ‘wedding favour’. Genny and her husband decided to make a donation to An Saol, instead of giving the gift to their guests, and to tell all of their wedding guests about An Saol. Isn’t this absolutely wonderful? If there is a God (and there is one), he will truly bless that marriage. What a gesture on the happiest day of your life, to think of and to help persons with sABI?

PLEASE don’t forget to join us on Saturday:)