Just watched a movie, something that doesn’t happen that often. It was a bit like Hugh Grant’s “Love, Actually”, only that Hugh Grant was Domhnall Gleeson, and it wasn’t about Christmas and feeling good, but “About Time” and feeling good.


Tim is told by his father that the men in the family can travel back in time. When the father is about to die he asks his son to re-live every day, but without the anxiety. To live the day happily, and sharing that happiness. As Tim does this, he learns to live every day without anxiety. Eventually, he gives up the time travel because he has learned that we all travel through time, together, and that we should enjoy every moment of that time, together.

A bit cheesy, perhaps. A bit of a simple thought. But, maybe because it is such a simple thought, there’s some truth in it.

Most of the things we worry about, most of the things we get angry or annoyed about, most of the things that bother us – they don’t really matter. About Time is about Love, Actually.

Pádraig today, for the first time, cycled not 30, but 40 minutes – in first gear, the first time he used a gear on the Viva El MOTOMed. Just under 4.5km. He is just getting fitter and fitter every day. – We didn’t go out (thanks though to all who offered their company!), because of the bad weather and because I was way behind with some work I had to do for An Saol. I also had to cancel an An Saol meeting with Pádraig’s friends tonight which I really did not want to do.

I’ll think a bit more AboutTime and about living life without anxieties that make you and the people around you feel bad. I’m sure we can turn life around, if we only tried hard enough.