Meeting with the Neurological Alliance Ireland (NAI) to discuss our response to the proposed implementation plan for the Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy 2011-2015. On to a long talk with an Irish Times journalist about the need to change the hearts and minds of people, especially those working with ABI survivors: it’s never the end of life, to the contrary:it’s about the unbelievable will to survive and to get recover! Meeting colleagues in Headway next. A long call with a friend to nail down the dates for our autumn cycle from Hollywood to Napa to fund- and awareness-raise followed. Before An Saol’s monthly Board Meeting with some of the most wonderful people you’d ever meet.


All that after getting Pádraig ready in the morning for the PAs, and before exercising with him in the tilt table. There are days like today, when I feel he is making a super-human effort to talk, to communicate, to help with the exercises. When I see and feel and believe that we are almost one in pushing his recovery from those injuries so hard that doubts about its effectiveness are blown out of the water. When his believe in his own personal Dreamboat journey is so strong that you can’t but go with him, join him, support him with every fibre in your body and every good thought of your mind.

Have you ever thought about how Pádraig’s accident, and more: the way he has been dealing with it, the never-giving-up out-of-this-world will power, how or whether this has affected or maybe even changed your life? I for myself know that this night on Hainan Island catapulted me onto a trajectory that went completely out of control and launched me into a space “where no man has gone before”. The strange thing is that, deep down, I think I have started to change for the better…

PS: If anybody was available to go out this afternoon at around 14:30 with Pádraig, please let me know.