Today was the last day of the Novena of Grace in Gardiner Street.

If you have ever been there, you’ll know the prayer to St. Francis Xavier, prayed each of the nine days by those who attend. There is a part that has always been especially important to me.

(…) I also ask you to obtain the favour I ask in this novena.

(Here pause to ask the favour you seek.)

But if what I ask is not for the greater glory of God, or the good of my soul,
obtain for me what is most conducive to both. (…)

Each of the years I’ve gone to Gardiner Street, when this part of the prayer comes, I have had to think hard which favour I should seek.

There are very obvious, pragmatic ones. They change with the times.

Tonight, I realised that my prayer, the favour I’m asking for, hasn’t changed. Because it’s not a ‘hands-on’ miracle-type favour.