Ronan, Son, Hannah, Bill and Thi had organised a fundraiser for tonight in Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club. Four of those five friends met Pádraig once here in our house a few weeks ago. My guess is that their one lasting memory of that encounter is the moment when Ronan, who went to school with Pádraig, switched over to speaking in Irish with Pádraig provoking a huge smile on his face.

Tonight was table quiz night.

I went over to thank them all for having organised the evening – probably the first pub quiz for many of the students working with Ronan on the preparations for the night. I thought that I would most likely not know anybody there. And then, a lot of Pádraig’s friends turned up and made the night a really special night.

Not sure who came up with the questions, but they were extremely difficult – even to read some of them out was at times a challenge for the great MC for the night.

Thank you to all who put such an enormous amount of work into the preparation of tonight! Thank you also for all of you who attended the fundraiser – we promise to spend the funds wisely!