The movie about persons with ABI arrived, in German, but without the subtitles. They arrived in a separate MS Word file which I’ll have to somehow mix into the movie. Nothing easier than this for an experienced localisation veteran, you might say! (Don’t worry if this doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s absolutely and utterly boring.) Instead of relying on my own veteran experience though, I asked a good friend what to do next and we are on the way of solving the problem. Some time, in the not too distant future, we’ll organise a BIG view of “Wärst Du lieber tot?” – maybe even with the Director herself. How knows.

I also heard from the Dominican Sisters who I had asked about space for An Saol’s therapy centre. They are considering the request. The letter they sent was incredibly moving and christian. Of course, ‘christian’, you might say, they are, after all, a catholic order. But for me, it went far beyond what someone in a certain position and from a certain background would be expected to say. – Turns out, and I don’t think the writer of the letter knew this, everybody in our house, except myself, was educated by the Dominicans at some stage in their lives. Our kids in Scoil Mobhi, Pat and her sister in Eccles Street. For me, the letter had echoes of Scoil Mobhi, which was the school I would have liked to go to myself, had I had the chance (I didn’t;). In addition to the encouragement, compassion, and verbal support they expressed, they sent a cheque for 5,000 Euro for An Saol, to cover the cost of some equipment or therapies.

It was the expression of trust and encouragement in An Saol and the work we are doing that moved me most and will most motivate me over the coming months.

Here is the commitment: according to my plans (how good they are I’m sure I’ll soon be told by an expert), it’ll cost 1.5m Euro to fund the 3-year An Saol Neuro-Therapy pilot project for (ideally) 3-5 survivors. With your help, this is the money we’ll raise, (ideally) with the help of the Irish State.


As Enda Kenny, our outgoing Taoiseach, said: no more whinging, we know what we need to do.