Today Pádraig went to hospital – BUT, for the first time, not to be treated; instead he came with us to visit someone close to us. Going to a hospital isn’t something you’d like to do. And while this wasn’t a happy occasion either, it was nice to meet family we hadn’t seen for some time.

The film ‘Would you rather be dead?’ (Wärst Du lieber tot?) arrived – only that I couldn’t find the English subtitles. Maybe I’m making a mistake when I’m trying to play it, but I will be in touch with the production company tomorrow to find out. We need to get this with English subtitles. It’s such a powerful film.

It’s calling by name the elephant in the room.


Asking the most difficult of questions. And getting the answers from those affected: No. Not dead. I want to live. – Once we get the right subtitled version working, we’ll find a cinema or a big hall and organise a big big showing.

There are so many things pending that really need to be ‘fixed’: like the space for the An Saol Sara Walsh Therapy Centre, sufficient staff, a better presence on the internet, clear and unequivocal political support, HSE support, fundraising, …

We’ll tackle them, one by one, starting tomorrow!