It was one of these days that has passed and you wonder – what happened?

We left early for Pádraig’s appointment at Beaumont Hospital’s Eye Clinic. That went very well and confirmed Pádraig’s relatively good eye sight. They will keep track of Pádraig’s development and he’ll see them again in 6 months time.

As we were in Beaumont, we went up to the Richmond Ward and were lucky enough to see some of the nurses who had looked after Pádraig while he was there in late 2013. It brought back so many memories. Meeting the nurses again also reminded me how much they really cared for Pádraig under very difficult circumstances.

Before we left Beaumont, we went to the chapel where we had prayed every day; and  we went to the restaurant where we had eaten every day for four month while Pádraig was on a slow and constant PEG feed upstairs – and we had been so worried. This time, Pádraig was with us, eating beans and potatoes. A world of difference!

We had builders in the house again beginning to fix stuff that is still outstanding – a dusty affair, but great to see some progress on that front.

An An Saol strategy meeting in the evening followed by a really inspirational evening of talks and conversations in St Francis Hospice.

Really tired now, about to go to bed. Wondering what this day was all about…

Does that happen to you at times?