In a nutshell.

A 3-year pilot project for three injured persons with a severe acquired brain injury, accompanied by international monitors, advising on best international practice, in a day care setting.

We are costing this properly at the moment, will propose it to the HSE and do fundraising for it.

The point of it is to demonstrate that there is life and living with a severe acquired brain injury. That really significant improvements can be achieved. That practice has to catch up with new findings in neuro rehabilitation.


That’s it. In a nutshell.

What has been happening to Pádraig over the past years and months is not a coincidence. It is normal. With the right support.

Denying this support is not an option.

Pádraig is clearly making more use of his voice. At the appropriate time. He is not really talking yet, but he’ll be getting there. In the meantime, he keeps on cycling on the MOTOMed (viva!), and exercising in other ways.

Tomorrow morning, he has an appointment in Beaumont’s Hospital Eye Clinic. Last time he was there was the very early morning of 11 November 2013, when a physio had started to work with him at 5am to get him ready for the long trip to Hamburg.