It’s a concept our kids really enjoyed when they were small. Neighbours in Tating introduced it to them because we always arrived slightly late for their birthdays in the summer. So they told us, not to worry, you could always “nachfeiern”. I don’t think there is a straight translation for this, but it means something like celebrating the event a bit later, with presents and all:) — And yes, you can also “vorfeiern”:)

I got loads of presents yesterday: among them a cake for my birthday. AND a cake to get better. I won’t show either (because the birthday cake shows my age and it wouldn’t be fair to just show one cake).

Even Pádraig got a present: a leg trainer MOTOMed arrived. On loan for the next four months… We’re hoping to change to an arm and leg trainer over the coming weeks and will keep at it…

But the best present came today. This was truly in the spirit of “Nachfeiern”!


Okay, it was a really low gear, but you have to start somewhere. And Pádraig started. The FIRST time ever, he cycled himself, just a bit, without much ‘resistance’, but that’s where you start.

Finally, please print the sheet below and keep it beside your door.

Print copies for your neighbours and friends.

Use it when candidates for the upcoming elections call to your door.

Ask them whether they have signed it online (they all got it in their email).

If they didn’t ask them to do so

Pledge Sheet

Remember: Movie night — Fitzcarraldo — on Friday, 19 February 2016, 19:00h. Find out where and let us know whether you’ll be joining us here. Let me know here which other movies we should get for the next movie nights (even if you shouldn’t be able to make it yourself).

About Fizcarraldo:
If you have a dream, the only way to accomplish it is to face it head on. If your dream requires you to drag a massive boat up a mountainside, do it. So says director Werner Herzog in the bizarre but captivating Fitzcarraldo.