Ok, it doesn’t have to be land. It could be a house, even an old one. But we need a place, we need a base for An Saol. So if you should know anyone who has a bit of land, or a house, that An Saol could get access to under whatever conditions, please let us know. Even one big room would do. Or a bit of land where we could put a big prefab to offer therapies, to provide access to first class equipment, to have a regular meeting place.


We drove to the NRH again today for an hour of therapy, well – it was about 20 minutes, in the Erigo. Getting Pádraig ready and driving him over takes the best part of an hour one way. And we are lucky because we live in Dublin. Most of the time, Pádraig was the only client in the gym, usually a pretty busy place outside of the holiday season.

He is still on the anti-seizure medication which makes him tired and less responsive. It also makes it more difficult for him to eat. But his has been getting so much better over the past two days. I am sure that in a few weeks’ time this whole business will be forgotten and Pádraig will be going back to where he was before this whole business of involuntary movements started.

At that stage, he will also have access again to his daily routine of MOTOMed training and standing vertically to get the blood pressure going.

Music Link
I know you must have been missing the music links on the blog. So this being almost the end of the year, here is a really great gem. One of Pádraig’s favourite songs is “Waggon Wheel” by the “Old Crow Medicine Show”, tonight performed by Nathan Carter on his show on RTE One. Turns out, and this is the gem, that the song was written by no other than Bob Dylan – as all great songs were! Click here to listen to it.