IMG_3131Well, here it is. The original Dreamboat. Mounted and behind glass. Ready to go to its new home: An Saol.

Spent half of the day maintaining my furniture building skills putting together a new press for Pádraig. It’s not quite finished yet, you’ll have to wait for the picture until tomorrow.

I had never realised how therapeutic it is to put together an IKEA press. Not only does it teach you patience challenging you to do the impossible based on cryptic-not-is-the-word-for-it instructions, it also opens your mind so you see things much clearer.

It helped me to see how we will approach Pádraig’s current health issue, the tremors; the issue around the delay of the submission to the intensive care package office within the HSE as well as the equipment and care plan.

If help is not forthcoming, adequate and timely, we’ll organise it ourselves. Everything else is a waste of our most precious resource: time.

We’ll get the Dreamboat going full steam ahead!