In the beginning was the Word.

I always really loved that line. When I heard it this morning at mass, I knew that this was it. It was a moment of great clarity. We are together. We are alive. And we have purpose. What more would you want to be happy?

What has come into being in him was life, life that was the light of men;
and light shines in darkness, and darkness could not overpower it.

When it’s Christmas, people think about different things, the have very different, often very strong, feelings about these days of celebration.

For me, Christmas is about the meaning of life: out of the darkness emerges light that darkness will never be able to overpower. The short days and long nights are over. A new life is born so powerful that it will transform us and the world around us. In a years time we’ll look back and be amazed of what our energy, enthusiasm, compassion, and love will have achieved.

This has been the most amazing day, all of us being back together in the house, with the tree, the Christmas dinner, some friends calling in, the fires burning, keeping out the cold. This was the first Christmas without my mother being around. We are missing her very much.

Over the past weeks we were as busy as we hadn’t been for a long time. Sounds strange, and I found it interesting, to see that we could actually get busier than we already were. So we concentrated on the most important matter of getting Pádraig home. We wrote no Christmas cards and I managed to get out to buy presents last night when the only shop opened in town (for half an hour) was Hodges Figgis – so everybody got a book:)

Today,everything went fine until I got hungry later in the day. I felt like eating something sweet. But not another ‘Roses’. Please! A bit of bread with something sweet on it. As I was looking around, I saw this jar of Nutella sitting on a shelf in the kitchen. I don’t particularly like Star Wars, and don’t really know that stuff well – but this evening there was one of those protective fields around that jar of Nutella. I was just getting up, walking towards it, hadn’t lifted my hand yet, when I felt as if something had just struck me. Maybe it was just the sound of this voice telling me to not even dream about getting anywhere close to this jar. In the end, I settled for a turkey sandwich – we’ll have plenty of them over the coming days, so why not start today…

Pádraig seems to be getting better by the hour. He is so well in his familiar surroundings, with his family, in his own room. Whatever it is that has been bothering him over the past week seems to disappear. He is sleeping really well during the night, and he is eating much better again. Hopefully, we’ll be able to go for a walk tomorrow!

I might even go for a bit of a run myself. That is if I’ll manage to put one foot in front of the other after all this absolutely marvellous Christmas food.