You know what happens when you’re cleaning up your house, trying to de-clutter, getting organised. You come across things you didn’t even remember you had. You realise that you have all these bicycle pumps you never found when you needed them. And then you have to make decisions about what it is you’re going to throw out. That’s the difficult part. Because you never know – you might take up gardening again and will need all this tangled up green-net to protect your lettuces from the slugs.

Cleaning out our front room, still stuffed with bags and boxes, to get it ready for the Christmas tree today was even more difficult. Because I didn’t so much come across my own stuff, but Pádraig’s – the cycle bag he had used on his ‘giro’, the togs he had worn when winning national competitions, the shoes of his Central America trip. Realising that he won’t ever use these again. I did the natural thing and packed them all up neatly and put them under the stairs where they always had been and where they belong. We might still try the Camino again one year. Together. Who knows!


A bag Pádraig got made up to promote his podcast. There were also fridge magnets, buttons, and coffee cups!

Tonight, I’m in the NRH beside Pádraig’s bed on a comfortable chair, with a few blankets and soft(-ish:) cushions. Pádraig wasn’t very well today. The medication to control his uneasiness worked but not yet enough to make him comfortable. And I thought that knowing I was beside him might make it easier for him to get through the night. As Linda Martin would say: Why me? I look at you and I get to feeling – Why me? (Why me, whooh) To tell you the truth, Pat had been here all day while I was trying to clean up some of the mess in our house. So, fair is fair.

Today, there was a really nice article in about Pádraig, An Saol, and Pádraig’s treatment in the NRH, which captured a quite complex picture with beautiful strokes in a very clear, inspiring, motivating, and extremely positive forward-looking way, I thought.

This morning, I managed to check out An Saol’s office in Carmichael House. It’s great and provides lots of room not just for working there, but also for meetings (Room 15!). We even have our own, old-fashioned letter box – so now you can get in touch with An Saol using a sheet of paper, a pen, an envelope and a stamp! It’s soooo 20th century-like, isn’t it?


Haven’t been in a hospital with Pádraig since last April. That was in Germany and we had a lovely ensuite double-room in the University Hospital (UKE) in Hamburg. What always amazes me, not matter where we have been, is the individual kindness and caring of people looking after Pádraig, the Dreamboaters.

I wish you a good night and will let you know tomorrow what the night was like! Sweet dreams!