Brilliant EAT Clinic (you remember what EAT stands for, right?). Pádraig will be getting a computer (or something like that) that will allow him to select between different options (radio, TV, Light, Food, Drink, …) specify what he would like, and it’ll happen.

So he can select ‘radio’, pick his favourite radio station, and adjust the volume. All at the click of a button. Isn’t that amazing?

The gadget will need to be adjusted a bit, Pádraig will have to get his head around how it works (and so will we:), but then – there are no limits to how he will be able to use this technology! It’s really exciting!

Another really brilliant and heart-warming thing happened today. It’s the patient’s Christmas party and one really caring person was telling everybody all day long that they should get ready and go down to get the turkey & ham and the trifle and some entertainment from the band. When it became clear that Pádraig wouldn’t go downstairs and that Pat and I would stay with him, this person brought up two full-blown Christmas Dinners – complete with crackers!! What a treat.


I mentioned a while ago that Pádraig had been given some medication to see would that help him to raise his level of awareness. He was taken off it last Friday week for the weekend, and just got a small dose on Monday and Tuesday. Since Wednesday he’s been off it altogether and so far there has not been a noticeable impact on his level of awareness, as far as we can see. Since Wednesday of last week he had been a bit uneasy. Since yesterday, he has been given some anti-seizure medication.

Check out tomorrow’s edition of Seachtain, the Irish language supplement of the Irish Independent!!!

Seachtain_16.12.15 s

The first official meeting of the charity An Saol took place this week. This is a new charity for people with brain injuries.

Reinhard Schaler set up An Saol following a bad accident in which his son Pádraig was left with a brain injury in the summer of 2013 in America.

Reinhard set up an Saol having had dealings with unsatisfactory services of the health service in relation to his son.

What An Saol intends to do is to bring together people who are interested in supporting the rights of people in Ireland with a brain injury and to protect and strengthen their rights.

The mission statement of An Saol was discussed on Monday evening and Schaler’s intention is that the charity will be governed by three main principles.:

– to provide support for the patient with a brain injury and to their family, and to raise awareness in society about brain injury.

– to set up services in Ireland for people that are currently not available for people who survived a brain injury.

– to fundraise for the charity.

In the long-term, the aim is to set up Teach An Saol which will offer suitable surroundings for people with a severe brain injury and who no longer have acute medical needs.

It is hoped that the necessary therapies will be available for them there, such as OT, Physio, Speech, Music, and counselling for the patients and their families.

It is hoped to officially launch An Saol towards the end of January 2016.

Further information can be found on the website, or you can contact An Saol via email.

We have no discharge date yet but will make sure Pádraig will be pulling his next Christmas cracker at home!