Still amazed by yesterday’s spectacular ‘switching’ exercises by Pádraig. Just thinking what if a computer read out the individual letters, put them together and did some predictive composition of words – like what any phone would do?

Today, there was some checking, ultrascans, just to make sure all organs are in order. They are. (I didn’t want to, but had to, think of the proposed donation in the US.)

Wheelchair – minor but important checks. It’s great to have a specialised clinic for this kind of stuff, with an experienced physio looking after it.

Music therapy in the afternoon. Great singing, rhythm, music.

Talking about music – a good friend, musician and prospective film maker asked Pádraig yesterday would he be ok if he made a film about how he has been recovering from his accident – and Pádraig, very clearly, said yes. So watch this space.

Talking about music – I just realised, when checking out the statistics for the blog, that some of the people who have been looking up the blog daily, are people who googled “verdamp lang her auf Englisch”, finding the *only* link to the lyrics, in English, of “Verdamp lang her” by BAP on the web. – But, how did they find it?


Talking about translation – there is a film, made by the German ZDF channel, called “Wärst Du lieber tot?” I’d really like to subtitle. I will email the ZDF and then see if anyone out there has the time, skill, and passion to help.

And then we’ll just have to make people – and I mean health care workers, doctors, therapists, politicians, journalists and many others; those who believe that ‘management’ of persons with a severe brain injury is sufficient – make watch it. Because in this film, they’ll hear from the people concerned, that they want to live, to be alive, that they want to participate in live, that they enjoy company, outings, movies, concerts, food, drink and whatever any of us would enjoy.

Maybe then they’ll get that what’s going on at the moment is outrageous: “managing” young people in nursing homes with drugs, PEGs, and catheters.