We’re trying to get the house going again.

After two years of having been away and after months of building work.

It’s funny what you find when you clean up your kitchen.


Like vanilla stems – we once bought because that’s what the recipe told us to use – about 10 years ago…

Or how inventive you have to get when moving a sofa down the stairs in a very narrow hall: using a wheelchair platform lift – because there was no way to move it in any other way.


Pádraig is home again for the weekend and, if all goes according to plan, we’ll go to Irish mass in Church Street again tomorrow at 10.

Quite a few visitors today, and there’ll be more tomorrow, friends and family. Love is all around!

P.S.: Since Pádraig’s accident and the trauma that followed, I find it so much more difficult to deal with tragedies near and far. What happened last night in Paris was beyond what I can deal with in any sensible way. How can anybody do such a thing?