I missed it.

Because I was in lovely Limerick today. Still a bit of ‘real’ work to do. And it was really nice to meet friends and colleagues and students. It was sad at the same time. Terribly sad. But tonight is not about ‘sad’.

Maybe sad because I missed it. Because it’s so brilliant. More brillianter than the fada-spelling-thing.

Another day. Another therapist. Another attempt at spelling.

Only that today the therapist decided to change things a bit.

So she asked Pádraig to spell “Patrick” – that’s what is on his birth cert and was on his passport, until he got it changed.

She had brought the “Diving Bell and the Butterfly” table, the one that is not following the alphabet but lists the letters in order of frequency.


This is *not* Pádraig’s therapist, but the one from the film:)

She gave the table to Pat to read it out to Pádraig while she was going to keep the “score”. (No fada this time, they had decided:)

Pádraig was great. As always. Foot down onto the switch for the letter “P”.

Next one worked out brilliant too. Foot down onto the switch for “A”.

And then —- HE MISSED THE “T” !!! —- How disappointing was that! But it can happen. Everybody can make a mistake from time to time. So Pat continued reading out the letters anyway.

When she got to the letter “D”, guess what? Down went the foot onto the switch!

And he continued to very clearly and successfully spell out his name, the full name, the one he had chosen, not the one we had given to him, nor the one the therapist wanted him to spell out.


I laughed out loud and didn’t stop for a good while.

PS: Just watching Kodaline on the Late Late Show and remember their offer to meet and have a beer or something with Pádraig…