We went out for a walk.

Pat and I.

We went to the places we went to with Pádraig.

In Eilbek.

We went back to the Schön-Klinik. To Haus 2. To the main house, where the exhibition was still going on commemorating 150 years of this hospital that once had been a hospital for mentally ill persons; that once passed through some of the darkest years of German history with no glory.

In Tonndorf.

Were we went for walks when no-one was there telling us anymore what he was supposed to do and what not.

Where we went to the supermarket – with lots of fear and uneasiness. To the café with even more uneasiness but pride and joy that we could buy him something to eat there and that he enjoyed it.

I’m on my own in the apartment. Off to Tating tomorrow with Pádraig’s stuff on a big van. And then one more night… in Tonndorf.