We are making progress.

Putting things in bags and in big plastic sacks. You wouldn’t see it. The place looks as full and packed as it did before. But we are getting very close to the point that we’ll be able to move.


Tonight, I met my friend (everybody should have one) to have a beer in Nagel. If you have been in Hamburg you’ll know Nagel, just opposite the train station.

Pat met us in Nagel arriving there via the train station – full of asylum seekers. For her, it was the moment, another moment, where abstract news on the telly turned into reality. All of a sudden, what were news reports from far away countries happen right in front of you.

In Germany, there’ll be a big big discussion about letting migrants and asylum seeker in. My friend said that Angela Merkel is a bit like Luther – she’s just gotta do what is right. She see no options to doing what she is doing.