Pity I wasn’t there.

Someone passed by and, Simsalabim, put the laser torch on Pádraig’s head.

Three times, he pointed the laser at the points on the opposite wall that the therapist had requested him to point it at. Now, it could all be coincidence, it could all be wishful thinking. It could also be that Pádraig heard the request, understood it, identified the objects on the opposite wall, saw the point of the laser, realised that his head movement could influence the position of the spot, managed to move his head, and, finally, pointed the laser right on to that object. Quite a complex operation and quite astonishing if he managed to do all this with purpose.

At the same time, it was good that I was in Dublin.

Because we got the go ahead to turn up at the National Rehabilitation Hospital on Tuesday week.

Time to get the ticket for the Dreamboat!


There is a chance that Pádraig will not get one of the highly sought after beds for patients with minimal conscience, meaning he might get a lower level of therapy, but what exactly will happen when we arrive there will all depend. What is for sure is that he will be admitted.

To be honest, I cannot believe that this is all happening. Next week today, we’ll be getting ready to leave Pforzheim heading for the Dreamboat.

There was a meeting tonight discussing an action plan for An Saol. In addition to the development of the website, easy information exchange, and educational events there were three item high up on the list:

  1. An event highlighting the right to a life, An Saol, for persons with a severe brain injuries.
  2. Organisation of a voluntary support service.
  3. Employment of a senior physio therapist specialised in working with persons with severe acquired brain injuries.

Do you want to get involved? – How can you help? – Email info@ansaol.ie