Let’s try something different. – Simsalabim!

No walking today, but standing on one leg while the other was moved in circles on a board with wheels underneath. First the left. Than the right. Now, take his right hand and, while standing, touch you knee, your hip, your nose, your ears. First with the left hand. Than with the right. – Sounds easy. But it ain’t.


When we start physio I don’t think anyone ever knows how it going to end, what we’ll do, which ideas the therapist will come up with, how Pádraig will be challenged that day. To move his arms. To hold on with his hands. To straighten his legs. To lift his head. Constantly. It’s active. Pádraig knows that this will only work if he tries as hard as the people around him.

What we know when we get up in the morning is that at the end of the day we’ll all be exhausted. Completely.

The thing is there are people like Pádraig who not just like but actually enjoy challenges. And there is no better motivation than seeing everyone around you trying as hard as you are.

We have often said this to people, nurses, doctors, carers, therapists – that we would not be happy with a job “that’ll do”. That the average would not be good enough. That what we were doing was so hard that we would not be happy unless they gave their best too. There were some people who were exceptional. The therapy Pádraig is getting in Pforzheim is.

I’m sitting on a plane to Dublin, on what is going to be the last visit to Dublin on my own. If everything is going to go according to plans, next time we’ll be bringing Pádraig home to Dublin. Even the thought is exciting. And it’s frightening. The past (nearly) two years have been so exceptional that I wonder how it will be when back in Dublin.

An indication of how things are is that we still do not have a confirmed admission date for the NRH because of some information missing from the HSE – although it was the HSE who insisted Pádraig would have to go to a hospital on arrival.

To me it all sounds like as if we might have to try something different. Simsalabim!