IMG_1638I tried to empty the garage in Tating today so that we could actually use it – to store things we might want to bring there from Hamburg. There was loads and it took three car loads to get rid of old, dusty, semi-destroyed stuff. Pat nearly lost it when I came back after one of these runs to the dump with a school desk in a perfect condition, and a really neat armchair also in perfect condition. It’s just unbelievable what some people throw away!

On the way back over the autobahn, we saw a really interesting road sign telling tank drivers what the maximum speed for their ‘vehicles’ was – last time I had consciously seen one of those was long before anyone even thought that the wall FullSizeRenderwould come down.

There was also a brilliant view from the bridge across the Kiel Canal .looking at an old-time three-master! Traffic almost came to a stand still.

Pádraig was with a carer and Pat’s sister today, while we were out emptying the garage in Tating. It all worked out really well.

We weren’t out for a long time, but we were out. And we were not afraid to be away. It sounds like nothing, but in comparison to some months ago, or even the time he was still in hospital, this is a huge change.

What hasn’t changed is this insane feeling of being tired. The sitting in front of a computer screen an my eyes closing, of nodding off in between sentences or even words. Of taking half an hour to write a few sentences and hoping they make some kind of sense. Of wanting to write more, to describe the day in more details, to describe how Pádraig is doing in more details. But just falling asleep during the attempt.

Back in Dublin tomorrow to check on the extension.