Yesterday, Pádraig got a visit from an Irish friend in Hamburg. She had heard about what happened to him and contacted us. She came out to see us running the Hamburg Marathon but missed us. Yesterday was the second time she came out to see Pádraig and us. It is so strange that the only friend we have in Hamburg is Irish…

You’re all I have my boy – Life is no fairy tale as one day you’ll know. You are my life, my joy.

Phil Coulter playing and Johnny Logan singing on Miriam’s Saturday night programme. It’s the only song Elvis ever sang that was written by a Europan – said Johnny. In fact, it was just translated by Phil into English from the French original… In any case, it’s a nice song, a little ‘schmalzig’, but there you are.

Pat and I are in Tating. Stopped by Lütt Mattens in Garding. Had a bit to eat in St Peter Bad. Will be emptying the garage in Tating so that it can take some of the furniture from Hamburg when needed.

I am falling asleep as I write and am not sure how this writing business is going right now. So I’ll better stop. Till tomorrow.