A few short notes at the end of the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.

imagesIt’s also Fathers’ Day in Ireland today (not in Germany) and while I heard all the last minute adds on how to get your father a last minute subscription the Irish Times online edition I neither got that nor any other present. We did have a special ‘take away’ tonight though to celebrate the day (and my stomach is feeling sick already because of the over-indulgence;).

Weekends with Pádraig are always great because there is never a rush to get ready for anything. We can take all the time of the world in the morning for washing, some exercises, and cleaning up while listening to lazy irish Sunday morning radio.

During the day, I wrote the first version of an open letter we intend to send to the US authorities in relation to the investigation (or the lack of it) of Pádraig’s accident. We want to have that with them and with the media this week, ahead of the second ‘anniversary’ of the accident this coming Saturday. Going over what happened again produces a strange kind of helpless rage. But there is no way that we will let this pass by without at least a good try to tell the other side of the story, not the “he cycled out in front of a van, mam” story police repeated like a mantra once Pádraig was on his way to the hospital. At this time, not many people believed he was going to make it and the case could have turned out to be one of some kind of manslaughter which made it even more important, it seems, for the police to conclude that the driver, Mr Couto, had done everything he could to avoid the accident while Pádraig had just suddenly cycled across into the path of the van – to conclude before they had even properly started the investigation, to conclude and share their conclusion with the press who spread the word within hours. The local man was absolutely and completely innocent. The foreign cyclist was not just responsible for the accident but also for his injuries because he did not wear a helmet. (I checked and there is scientific evidence to show that if you are hit by a 4.3 ton van at 30+ miles/hour your head does not stand a chance – with or without a helmet.)

UnknownEven the longest days come to an end. From tomorrow, the days will get shorter again.  All part of the ups and downs of the circle of life that goes on and on and on. And we are right in the middle of it. Dealing, as best as we can, with these ups and downs. But always believing, always looking forward, always trusting our instincts, always depending on our families and friends, always Dreamboaters.

Almost forgot: Today, 110 years ago, Jean-Paul Sartre was born, good friend of Simone de Beauvoir. Sartre is the guy that had the idea of “L’enfer, c’est les autres”. Well, he was a philosopher and he didn’t mean it literally. It’s not always easy to live with other people. It’s impossible to live without them. And more, it’s the people around us who define us and who give our life a meaning. Tataaaa!

Today’s German Music Tip
Alpa Gun, FÜR DICH VATER. Alpa is a rapper with Turkish origin. He sings this song in German, a song that a German of German origin would not have written, or sung.
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