St Patrick’s church was where today’s Requiem Mass was held for Sara. The church was packed to capacity to celebrate Sara’s life and to say good-bye to a very beautiful young woman and a fighter like no other. Pádraig and I were there in spirit. Sara will always be with us, we will never forget her. She and her family, Mary, Martin, Niamh are so much part of our new life. There were prayers of the faithful that included a prayer for all victims of severe ABI in Ireland that they will receive the treatment, therapy, and care that they so much deserve. Nobody like Sara and her family making that case over the past years.

You might remember how Pádraig managed to hold the mobile while talking to his aunt. Well, today he did one better. I never know when they are finished talking – except today Pádraig handed over the phone back to me when his aunt had hang up. I don’t want to make too much of this, it could all have been coincidence and it was really not much more than a movement of his arm with the phone in his hand – but…

This weekend they will fly back home the bodies of those who died in Berkeley. I just hope that the best of care will continue to be given to those who were badly injured and who are staying behind, at least for the time being.

Tonight, for Sara: Sarah Connor, Wie schön Du bist

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