imagesThere is no doubt that Pádraig is moving a little bit more every day. And that he is eating better and more every day. Being more himself.

Today, as on most days, his aunt rang to talk to him. Routine. Except that, today, he was holding his arm up (no support underneath) and he was holding the mobile (or ‘cell’ as our american friends would call it), he was images1holding the mobile in his left hand, holding it close to his ear.

We changed our arrangement with the carer slightly because were are going to introduce three meals a day for which he will need time. We will also go out more often and more regularly. It’s summer, after all!

And we’ll be getting more mobile by the day!!!

Today’s German Music Tip
Helene Fischer, Atemlos. This has been the song in Germany over the past year or two, and I never ever thought I would recommend it to anyone. But his version is like a lesson in German culture: Helene sings her summer hit at the celebrations of the German soccer team, the new world champions, at the Brandenburg Gate last summer. It’s iconic in a special sense.
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Helene Fischer
The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Tortenarsch, Bratbär, Pflaumenaugust, Muffkopp, Kappskopp, und Dreckschüppengesicht – all words you should remember when you want to really insult somebody.