Over the last two weeks or so there were a few occasions when my eyes just closed and I dipped off into half a day sleep and half a day dream. During those moments I didn’t know where I was. Dublin, Hamburg, Tating, Lourdes, the Train, Cape Cod all places were kinda mixed up. It gave me an idea what sleep deprivation can do to your mind.

All through this there was a realisation that Pádraig was moving, supporting himself, eating and drinking, communicating. Of course, he is not quite there yet, but the feeling was so real. It felt like that we just had to keep going, moving, and all will turn out alright. Maybe not as before, but as our new life with great moments, great road trips, great music, films, books, poetry, nights staying up not because we are afraid but because we enjoyed our time together that much that we never wanted it to end.

imagesI am catching up, slowly, with a huge stack of letters from all sorts of different offices looking for payments, information, confirmation, and certifications. I also sent off the Maltesers I had bought in Dublin a few days ago to those beautiful people who had made our journey to Lourdes a collection of miracles. For some reason, Maltesers, those crunchy, sweet chocolate bites haven’t reached Germany yet.

Just listened to An Tagen wie diesen. The theme is a bit like Those were the Days but the German song has sooo much energy that you can’t but dance and sing and shout! I have this feeling that there will be heaps of days when we’ll be singing the Dreamboat, An Tagen wie diesen!

Today’s German Music Tip
Die Toten Hosen, An Tagen wie diesen. Ich wart’ seit Wochen auf diesen Tag… – I’ve been waiting for weeks for this day! – I’ve never really been a fan of Die Toten Hosen, but this song is just great. An Tagen wie diesen wünsch ich mir Unendlichkeit! – Ar laethanta mar seo Is mian liom Infinity.
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The German word/phrase/verse of the day
Plörre (for example: bad wine or beer)