We’re sitting on the train, again. We’ll be crossing the land of the TGV at a speed that will prevent us from driving even in front of freight trains. But that won’t matter. It’ll give us plenty of time to look back at a most extraordinary week.

I am writing now, much earlier in the day than usual, because here at the station my internet stick seems to work. During the past week, not only was time to write at very short supply, not only was I often so tired in the evenings that my brain just shot down at a certain stage, it was also almost impossible to get a reasonable connection to the web. Actually, this place and the people here were so different from anything I had experienced before anywhere else that trying to put into words what has been going on was and will be very different.

If you’re not used to ‘holy places’ Lourdes is very strong in many different ways.

I’ll think about it during the trip back a bit more, let impressions settle a little, and reflect on how this visit changed my outlook on life – because it certainly did.

In the meantime, and just before the train is going to depart, I’ll leave you with some pictures (see above). We’ll arrive in Diepholz at 16:30 tomorrow afternoon, will get the Doblo and drive back to Hamburg. We should be there before the 0 o’clock news:)

(I’ll also look at the comments from previous days and respond. The playlist for Pádraig is still growing and I will start preparing the CD next week.

AND – if all goes according to plan, building work on Pádraig’s extension will commence just after the Monday Bank Holiday.