Leaving for the Accueil where Pádraig is at 5:45 is one of the nicest moments of the day: it’s quiet, there are hardly any people on the streets. Waking Pádraig up and getting him ready for the day with the help of some of the nicest people you could imagine, is also great because its’s slow and easy going.

Today, there was a special mass on with what the Germans call “Krankensalbung”, or the anointing of the sick. It brought it back home to me that, really, al fin y al cabo, people are people and whether they are sick or healthy or strong, they all deserve our respect.

I am sitting on our bed in the hotel and am almost falling off each time my eyes close and my body is about to fall to the ground. Sleeping just a few hours every night is not fun.

Today was our last full day in Lourdes and it has been an incredible experience for many different reasons.

The internet still doesn’t work properly and I cannot concentrate. Time to call it a day and get ready to get up in 4 1/2 hours. More with a bit of time and better connections.